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Check your local skateboarding spot in Dallas.

Find the nearest skatepark with bowls, ramps, rails, half-pipes, and fun obstacles.

The Point Skatepark

Dallas Skateparks

This is an indoor skateparks with a concrete bow. It’s kind of small but it has obstacles to offer.

Guapo Skatepark & Shop

Dallas Skateparks
It is an indoor skatepark with a bowl, ramps, and other obstacles. It is concrete and others are made from wood. It is a bit small but good for all levels.

East Dallas Skatepark

Dallas Skateparks
It is an outdoor skatepark with few obstacles to enjoy with. It is big and ideal for beginners to start with.
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Dallas Skateparks
This is a small indoor skatepark with ramps, rails, pipes, and other obstacles. It is made of concrete.

Arlington Texas skatepark

Dallas Skateparks
The Cody Rocamontes Skatepark includes a hipped bank, manual pad with rail, flat bar, and Spohn’s signature “skate able art” pieces – the Curved Taco and Dragon Tail. Phase two of the project will include a mellow ledge, stair set with rail, pole jam, euro gap, kinked Hubba, round wall and a Bent Penny.

Lakeland Hills Skate Park

Dallas Skateparks
The Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s Lakeland Hills Skate Park was established in 2007. Park admission is free. The challenging course offers a durable, sound-dampened, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, and textured steel roller surface.
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