Dallas Skateboard School Offers Skateboard Lessons for All Levels

Welcome to Skateboard School in Dallas Tx, where we offer various options for anyone who wants to learn skateboarding.

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What We Offer

We have group classes, private lessons, and summer camps, all tailored to different skill levels from beginner to advanced. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the basics of skateboarding and teach you how to do tricks safely.

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Meet the Skateboard Star in the Making! 🛹🌟

At just 11 years old, Lorna from Denton, TX turned her skateboarding dreams into reality! Her parents enrolled her in the top-rated beginner skateboard program, “Safety, Balance, and Confidence 2.0,” approved by the International Skateboard Association.

Paired with the amazing certified skateboard Instructor, Jonathan G., Lorna fell head over wheels for skateboarding! 🤙

Now, catch her shredding it up at Texas’ hottest skateparks. Watch out, world – Lorna’s on the rise! 🛹🔥


Where Can You Learn

Dallas has plenty of skateparks and unique skate spots, and we offer lessons at many of them. Some of our favorite skateparks include Duncanville Skatepark, 4DWN Skatepark, and McKinney Skatepark, all with great facilities and unique features. We also offer lessons at private driveways for those who prefer to learn in a more controlled environment.

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909 N O'Connor Rd, Irving, TX 75061

Lively Skate Park

Lively Pointe Skate Park features approximately 20,000 square feet of street skating elements such as stairs, railings, pyramids, radial edges, grind edges, manual pads, quarter pipes and hubba ledges. It is constructed out of concrete with steel coping railing to accommodate BMX bikes. The park also includes an in-ground bowl with a ¾ pipe, flow bowl, volcano and an over-vert pocket.

1301 S Railroad St Lewisville, TX 75057

Lewisville Railroad Park

The 3000 square meter Lone Star Toyota of Lewisville Railroad skatepark is the largest hybrid skating facility in the Metroplex. Features include deep bowl skating, plaza style area and above-ground features for skaters of all ages and abilities.

201 E St Mary Dr Allen, TX 75002

The Edge Skate Park

Riding a skateboard, scooter, BMX bike and inline skates on handrails and picnic tables is encouraged at The Edge, one of Texas’ largest outdoor skate parks. When taking a break, hang out with other extreme sports enthusiasts in the visitor center’s media room, game room and snack bar. Take advantage of the high-flying fun year-round!

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Why Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a great activity that promotes physical fitness, coordination, and creativity. Unlike team sports, skateboarding is a personal and individualized activity that allows you to express your own style and personality.

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Where to Buy Equipment

We recommend visiting Index Skateboard Supply for their wide selection of skateboard gear, including boards, wheels, trucks, and accessories. Another great option is Legacy Skateboards, a local skate shop that also offers repairs and customizations.

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Dallas Tx Skateboarding

Did you know that the oldest skatepark in Dallas is the Bachman Lake Skatepark, located at 3500 Northwest Hwy? The largest skatepark in Dallas is the Allen Station Skatepark, located at 201 E. St. Mary Dr. Dallas is also home to many talented skateboarders, including pro skateboarders like Ish Cepeda, Ryan Thompson, and Vincent Alvarez. The annual Bowl-a-Rama skateboarding competition is one of the most famous local skateboarding events.

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